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Valhaven Studio

Roll for Creativity

This Studio is the passion project of one nerd— that’s me, Torie!

My grandmother and great-grandmother were both extremely talented seamstresses/sewists. Unfortunately, neither of them were able to pass their knowledge to me due to life and circumstance so I struck out on my own to learn. I am self-taught and learning every day! When I make beautiful and loved handcrafted bags and accessories, I feel closer to my grandmother and great-grandmother as I continue their passion for creating.

I work with different fabrics and metals: vintage, faux fur, faux leather, velvet, microsuede, faux suede, cotton, neoprene, nickle, gold, silver, wood, and more. I do not use fabric from animals— all fur and suede are faux/fashion fabric.

The studio is a closed-off workshop but there are living animals in the home.

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