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Valhaven Studio

Roll for Creativity

This Studio is the passion project of one nerd— that’s me!

​This whole thing started because I made some dice bags for my tabletop gaming group as a one-year anniversary present. At the encouragement of my friends, I opened up commissions to my other friends and family to help pay for a few life expenses.

In a single blink (slight exaggeration), I now have a full shop of all sorts of handcrafted nerdy fun.

I work with different fabrics and metals: vintage, faux fur, faux leather, velvet, microsuede, faux suede, cotton, neoprene, nickle, gold, silver, wood, and more. The studio is a closed-off workshop but there are living animals in the home and, while these animals are kept out of the studio, hair tends to fly around and sneak through cracks and crevasses. If you have a fabric, dye, metal, or animal allergy— please list your allergy before you order! Valhaven Studio does not use fabric from animals— all fur and suede are faux/fashion fabric.